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God’s love is in you and towards you

God’s love is in you and towards you – Romans 5:1-5

Romans 5:1-5

Therefore being justified (set forth as righteous) by (out from) faith (believing), we have peace (state of undisturbed well being) with (out from) God through (the dividing line) our Lord Jesus Christ:

By (the dividing line) whom also we have (obtained) access (the introduction) also by (the dividing line) faith into (motion to) this grace (a kind, affectionate, pleasing nature and inclining disposition) wherein (in which) we stand, and rejoice (speak loud, boast, vaunt oneself) in (resting within) hope (expectations of future good) of the glory (a real knowledge of a matter, that which attracts attention) of God.

And not only so, but we glory (rejoice also) in (resting within) tribulations (pressure, compression, hence pressure from evil, affliction, stress) also: knowing that tribulation worketh (effects) patience (patient enduring);

And patience (patient enduring), experience (the state of being tried or having been tried); and experience (the state of being tried or having been tried), hope (expectations of future good):

And hope (expectations of future good) maketh not ashamed (cause shame); because the love (agape) of God is shed abroad (to shed blood, to pour out, to kill) in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is (was) given unto us.

God’s love is in you and towards you


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